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About Tactical Concepts:

Civilian Training:

​Tactical Concepts was founded on providing safe, real-world firearms training utilizing handguns, shotguns and rifles/carbines. Our classes incorporate training methodologies that allow novice and advanced shooters to excel at a rapid pace. We focus on the basic fundamentals to facilitate personal growth with your firearm. Our training incorporates the psychological and physiological aspects of being involved in a firearms related incident. Our training works with your bodies natural response to a life or death situation to insure a positive outcome.

In the world we live in today we have assets and liabilities when it comes to firearms owners. You can own a firearm, be comfortable with using it, go to the range every once in a while, really think that you could use it if you had to. But the reality is if you are of that mentality you would be classified as a liability to not only society but also possibly to yourself. A true asset understands their limits when it comes to utilizing their firearm and they continue to strive to improve. They understand the full extent of the repercussions their action may bring if they decide to use their firearm. They know that the firearm they carry is truly a burden and the responsibility is immeasurable. Training is the only way to fill the gap between the liabilities and the assets. If you would like to become an asset to society and most importantly to yourself and your family then feel free to contact us.