Tactical Concepts has officially announced its 2016 schedule. We have added more of our most popular classes and added custom situational courses that have been requested by students like you!

Our 2016 Schedule is the following:

  1. January 23: Women’s Only Basic Pistol
  2. January 30: Concealed Cary
  3. February 13: Basic Carbine
  4. February 27: Workplace SA (Situational Awareness)
  5. March 12: Basic Pistol
  6. March 26: Women’s Only Concealed Carry
  7. April 9: Intermediate Pistol
  8. April 23: Advanced Pistol
  9. May 14: Concealed Carry
  10. May 28: Basic Pistol
  11. June 11: Basic Pistol 
  12. June 25: Women’s Pistol Self Defense (How to successfully draw and shoot with the threat on "top of you”)
  13. July 9: “Smooth is Fast”- Pistol course for the intermediate shooter to hone and perfect the fundamentals, reloads, and malfunctions for the purpose of Self Defense.
  14. July 23: Advanced Carbine
  15. August 13: Kids Day: Parents can bring their kids to learn intermediate rifle skills. 
  16. August 27: Intermediate Pistol
  17. September 10: Advanced Pistol
  18. September 24: Women’s Only: Pistol: Home Defense Focus
  19. October 8: Intermediate Carbine
  20. October 15: Workplace Situational Awareness


You can register by contacting us on Facebook, calling our office at 307-235-9112,  emailing us at steven@caspersafety.com.

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